Punjaab is a Land of Five Rivers, Culture of this place is Punjaabi which imbibes amazing Hospitality, Delectable Food and Humour!

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    Ultimate dining experience like no other
    Punjaabis are known around the world for their Amazing hospitality and their love for Food. The most famous dishes from Indian cusisine that you have heard from are from Punjaab. Be it Butter Chicken, Tandoori Chicken, Palak Paneer, Naan, Daal Makni and Shahi Paneer. We are bringing to you the unique Punjaabi experience (minus the expletives that Punjaabis are famous for) our buffet is tastefully curated with unique dishes that you will not even find in any other Indian Restaurants.







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    We have created a great environment for you to enjoy your food. Our Decor complements the warmth and hospitality of Punjaab. The warm colors and comfortable seating will make your dining a memorable experience.

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